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Write Effective Advertising Headlines in 5 Steps

Write effective advertising headlines.

How to Write Effective Advertising Headlines

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When you write an effective advertising headline it takes more creativity and studious thought than anything. The only thing scientific about it is the psychological impact one can make with the perfect ad copy. Often times an advertiser will spend too much time on the unnecessary; leaving them with bland headline ad copy that’s ignored.

The headline in any ad is the smoke to any forest fire – it leads the prospect to the source. By taking the following tips into consideration, you are certain to get the eyes on what you have to offer. Though these are geared toward online advertising you can also apply the concept to your offline efforts.


1. Knowing Your Audience

Whether running an ad online or in your local newspaper this is a cardinal rule. To write effective advertising headlines you must know who you are targeting. I usually think of this as going fresh water fishing with salt water bait. Prior to constructing any advertising headline it’s best that you place yourself in the mindset of the one you’re promoting to.

Figure out what they would want or how they’d solve a problem. This is part of the psychological process involved with marketing. Figuratively become the person you hope to be your customer, and that will provide a good foundation.


2. Position for Search Traffic

When you write effective advertising headlines for internet marketing know that SEO plays a huge part. Search engine optimization places your ad, blog, or webpage in position to receive passive traffic from search engines. This involves knowing the proper keywords (or key-phrases) to use in your headlines.

Now there are many services out there that will let you research what terms are being searched for. But a bare bones method you can try is experimenting with different terms in the Google search bar like this:

You want to select the ones with relatively small numbers of search results – this way you have a higher probability of that blog post appearing on page one.

The smaller that number is the better!

By choosing to go with the following key-phrase it will take that post or webpage much longer to rank on that page:


Wow! Over 3.5 million resources to fight through. And in case you’re wondering, yes, a blog post can very well be an advertisement.


3. Using Trigger Words

Use captivating words when you write effective advertising headlines. These are words the human mind can (and will) quickly relate to:

  • Get more…
  • Free consultation
  • Buy one get one
  • Discover how…
  • Watch this…
  • Are you looking…?
  • How

If a prospect is looking most likely they need an issue solved, and sadly they’re in selfish mode. They want to know what that ad can do for them and how. The words above have been used time and time again – and with good reason. How many times have you reacted to any of these words in ad copy on or offline?


4. Addition by Subtraction

An excellent ad copy headline provokes curiosity in the reader. This is accomplished by omitting words that don’t really need to be a part of it. When you write effective advertising headlines for online purposes there are times when long-tailed keywords work in your favor. But for print, classified ads, lead capture pages, and other online text ads, the shorter the better.

The headline should be considered as a movie trailer. One that will lead the viewer right into the body of the ad…and ultimately to your call to action. You want to express that you are about to solve their biggest problem in few words. However, the headline must make them want to know more.


5. Collect Them

Who’s stopping you from making a list as you write effective advertising headlines? Practice makes professional so each time you construct a headline why not keep an Excel spreadsheet of a collection. The list then becomes a versatile book of advertising tools. You could use the headers for classified ads, drop cards, you can combine them, and you could share them with your network marketing downlines.

This type of leverage can pay because by sharing with your business partners you create duplication. By having a collection on stand by you save tons of time because you’re not having to think of a header. Add even more power by keeping the spreadsheet in a cloud drive for marketing on the move…like I do.



Never forget that even with the greatest offer or most compelling call to action, it is the job of the headline to grab a prospect. Utilize shock factor and cater to their needs in the verbiage. Imagine that you are the potential customer so that you can relate to them. After all, profitable businesses focus on relationships. Now that you’re equipped you should now be able to write effective advertising headlines for anything. Feel free to share in the comments other techniques you use to comprise great ad copy.


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