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Will a Dog DNA Test Determine That It’s a Boxweiler?


Here’s the latest addition to the family – Pancho.  This Boxweiler (Boxer and Rottweiler mix) was rescued from an owner who had passed away weeks prior.

Now, just a week with his new owners he is turning out to be quite the family dog we’ve long hoped for.

Despite being just seven months old here, he takes heed to commands fairly well.

Some think that he has a pit bull terrier in his DNA but we plan to get that tested in the near future.  As it turns out you can actually purchase DNA tests for your dog to have your mutt deciphered.

Based on Pancho’s clumsy gallop we can certainly see the Rottweiler.  His height…the mischievous eyes…the markings, the Boxer.  He doesn’t show that pit bull tenacity or even the athleticism.

Only time and the test will tell.

He’s a gentle giant (he’ll most likely top out around 110lbs) but he seems to be fond of hugs.  Recently we discovered how much he likes to run – even at seven months!  To my surprise Pancho is disciplined while running besides bicycles; a complete contrast to the Chihuahua temperament.  I’ve owned Chihuahuas since 2000.

Updates will be made of him over the course of his first year.  Already we feel blessed to have him.  What do think he’s mixed with?  Are you familiar with any of the breeds mentioned?  Please share.

Thank you - it's appreciated!

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