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The Idea Behind Designing Perfect Business Cards on Vistaprint

Not Your Traditional Card.

I’ve just placed an order for these and am totally excited to get them!  I’ve been ordering business cards regularly from Vista Print since 2008.  Needless to say, the investment is worth it.  Business cards can be used for all sorts of purposes; not just the traditional template.  As you can see this one has no phone number.  There is no email address. There’s not even a Facebook page to look at.  This wasn’t by accident.


What’s the Deal With the Card?

The card was designed to simply generate leads.  That’s it!  Most business cards you see will at the very least have a phone number for the general public to call.  The service is conveyed (hopefully) then there’s the number for you to call and inquire about the service advertised.  Not here.  Obviously the service advertised here is just that – advertising.

The reason that no phone number is printed on the card is because in my line of business I prefer to automate as much as possible.  Instead of having my cell phone ringing at all hours of the day and night, I’d rather let my autoresponder handle inquiries and concerns from the public.  Although quite a necessary evil in business, telemarketing is something I’ve never been a fan of.  Email marketing, however, provides me with the efficiency and leverage I need to constantly grow my business.



The web address on the card forwards to a lead capture page where more information can be requested.  Rather than field a ton of preliminary phone calls my autoresponder handles the tedious work.  Of course I still talk to prospective customers, but at a later stage in the sales funnel.  In a sense I am able to filter out those that are not really serious about the service I am promoting.  The ability to leverage your time consistently will go a long way in your business.


How to Order Cards?

You can click on the hyperlink just below the business card image or visit:  For a limited time they are offering 500 business cards for just $9.99.  

The ones I ordered are of the Signature variety, offering a thicker card stock and premium texture.  You should consider upgrading, too.  The impression is lasting and they’re much more durable.  I’d advise to take a few days to design your card.  This way you give your creativity some time to manifest ideas.  Your concept on Day 2 may be more advanced than the one on Day 1.

Happy designing!

Thank you - it's appreciated!
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