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Email Marketing With Safelists

What is Email Marketing?

There is no science here. As much as I hate to over-simplify it, email marketing is using email Message in a Bottleto market to a particular demographic or group. In all likelihood you have been at least one of the two components involved. You’ve either sent an email to someone promoting a product, service, or (even) a movie. Or, you’ve received an email before from someone soliciting a product or service.

This form of marketing has been in full use since the start of the century and for good reasons. Email marketing allows you to reach a much larger audience in a shorter period of time – even more so than radio or television advertising.

Efficient email marketing requires that you have an existing list of prospects, subscribers, or potential customers. These are individuals that have expressed previous interest in what you have to offer. Notice the emphasis on “efficient.” Without a list to contact this advertising strategy is made much more difficult.

The Can-Spam Act of 2003 made certain of this as consumers are protected from unsolicited, misleading, or bogus email offers. In summary, if you don’t have established rapport with whoever you’re sending an email to you present the risk of being a spammer.


What Are Safelists?

Email marketing with safelists is propelled by group activity. Safelists are online communities of business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, or entrepreneurs in general. The primary focus in these communities is to get your offer seen. That’s it. In order to get them seen you have to earn traffic credits. These can be earned by a couple of ways:

  1. Surfing, or viewing the websites of others.
  2. Purchasing credits.


Viral Mail Profits Banner



There are benefits and hurdles to both options. Surfing requires much of your time as you have to click on another member’s website once a short timer in the safelist has expired. This method is free, but it is time consuming. Purchasing credits allows you to buy them then assign them to the website/s you’re advertising. Not as time consuming, but it will take a financial investment. In many safelists one credit is equivalent to one visit to your website.

So in essence it’s an exchange.

The beauty with safelists is that it creates for you residual traffic. It also gives you the opportunity to email groups of people if you don’t have an existing list of prospects. And you have their permission to email them because it’s a condition of joining a safelist community. When email marketing with safelists the residual traffic comes over time.

For example… 


Say you’ve earned (or purchased) 1,000 credits and you’re ready to use them. What you’ll typically do next is create a short (soft) sales driven email then send it to 1,000 members of the safelist. The concept is the same even if you have just 200 credits. What will happen is that over the course of the following week or so that email will get opened by many members.

In order for members to earn they must click a link in the email to earn credits themselves. When they click, YOUR website is presented to them. In fact, I still get traffic from safelist emails sent weeks prior.


Tracking Your Email Marketing with Safelists

It will come to a point where you’re a member of multiple safelists. It’s actually a wise idea. But how will you know which ones are giving you good results? You must track. Here is a look of an ongoing tracking report within a safelist tool I use called Viral Mail Profits.



Lot’s of data there, I know. But you really want to focus on the CTR column. A click through rate in this case is defined as this: Clicks / Email Recipients = CTR%  (clicks divided by the number of emails sent)

I use this data to determine where to invest most of my time, effort, and money. You don’t want to go into email marketing with safelists blindly as not all are created equal. Some have members that are not responsive, while others are very active. In fact, I track every advertising campaign – online or off. Industry standard is a CTR of 3% or better. Obviously the safelists that exceeds that rate consistently gets the most use from me. The reason why you see so many on this report is because successful email marketing with safelists is cumulative. The more the better, but do track!

By using the system I use you can earn tons of safelist credits on auto-pilot. Don’t have the time or money? This system streamlines your efforts so that you’ll always have free advertising credits to spare.


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