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The resources found here are all valuable tools that will help you build your business, get more clients, and make your marketing more efficient.  Ultimately what you see here will help you make more money online.  Over the course of time I have spent in the home business industry I have used many of these tools.  Some I still use, some I don’t.  But if the resource is here it’s certainly worth being mentioned.  They’re not listed in any order of importance but give them a look.



AWeber provides small business owners with a plethora of tools in itself.  Primarily it is known for the unlimited autoresponder campaigns anyAWeber Banner user can create.  An autoresponder is the crux of an email marketing campaign.  Without one a small business owner will find it difficult to not only consistently generate new leads, but manage them.

Leads (or potential customers) are the lifeblood of any business.  If you cannot (or won’t) build an ever-growing list of them your cash flow will stall.




Hits Connect

Hits Connect is a resource you can use to track the success of your advertising.  This tool gives you the ability to pinpoint which ads are workingHits Connect Banner and those that are not.  This is a very important aspect of marketing that often times goes overlooked.

You have to track your advertising efforts if you expect to get the best return on your investment.  How else would you know which ads are driving the most traffic to your business?

With Hits Connect you will also know which ads are converting.  It’s good to know that you’re getting traffic but from that you want conversions.  This includes visitors who are clicking (while on your website), those that are opting in to your autoresponder, and those who are buying.  Aside from links you can also track banners and create visitor counters for your website.





Namecheap provides you with web hosting, branded domains and email addresses.  By 2017 you should already be aware that we play in anNamecheap Banner international market.  Thanks to the internet we are no longer limited to the confinements of our nation’s borders; unless, of course you live under an oppressive government.

If you have a business you should be operating online.  If not in conjunction with your brick-and-mortar establishment, you should at the very least have a web presence.  Namecheap’s simple website building tools are there for your disposal.  Their customer service is always thorough in their assistance and an agent is always just a chat session away.

But let us not forget your branding.  For a few bucks you can reserve a domain for your business.  So instead of your catering business being at the mercy of a Facebook fan page or Instagram, you can have your own setup at (example) “” .  

In addition, you can even brand your email address.  Think of how professional your business card would look with a “”  on it rather than a “”  It’s not a good look so establish your company online.



Other Small Business Resources

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