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Have You Seen This Stamp Somewhere?

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If you’re reading this then most likely you came across a business card, flyer, brochure, or some similar form of advertising print.  And if you’re like me you’re probably wondering, “Who is this guy, Kevin?”  Don’t worry; I will give you the story behind the stamp branding. 


The purpose behind the stamp is two-fold:

  1. I have a penchant for marketing, and as a result I like to help other small business owners by promoting for them.
  2. The stamp branding is a backlink (traffic generator) to this website.


If i’m out on errands or commuting and happen to come across your advertisement I may distribute a few of them.  I may also even pass it along to someone that is looking for your services.  I’m pro-small business!  This, however is just a fraction of the whole realm of marketing.  I can help, though.  If you have a small business and you’re looking for targeted traffic you can start here.  For tips and future updates on how to generate tons of traffic for your website or business please subscribe to this blog feed.


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