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No Hunger, No Game: It’s Possible That You Actually Worship The Anti-Christ

Jennifer Lawrence Anti-Christ

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Just a testament of why we really need to be very particular about who we call ourselves “fans” of or idolize.  We tend to become captivated by the allure of celebrity status, money, and fame…but why?

Really, though..ask yourself, why?

We don’t even know these people.

It took me weeks to find this image.  I remember the night back in September (2017) I stayed up late enough to watch one of my favorite comedians, Jimmy Fallon.  The man has always humored me, and aside from that I graduated from the ol’ school of Hip Hop…so his in-house band (The Roots) draw me in to Fallon’s show.

It was all good humor until I saw his beloved and highly adored guest, Jennifer Lawrence.

As possibly the wealthiest actress in America, Ms. Lawrence is adored by your daughters. Your sons love her Hunger Games franchise.  The Academy Awards exalt her.

But why?

Is this woman actually the anti-Christ?  If not, why even go onto one of America’s most watched television shows with upside down crosses hanging from your ear.  What a bold move!  Needless to say, I immediately felt compelled to turn off the beast we call network television and called it a night.  I am blessed to know better because to God be the glory.  Feel free to comment.

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