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How to Get Started in Affiliate Funnel and Make Money

If you’re reading this most likely you just joined Affiliate Funnel.  If you have not yet then you’ve already wasted valuable time.  In this article you’ll learn exactly what to do (right after you join) in order to profit with AF.  After registering you’ll have a username and password assigned.  Use those credentials to login here.

Once you’re in direct your attention to the top right corner of your back office…you’ll see this:


Hover your cursor over Home and select Start.  Scroll to the bottom of the following page and look for this:


It is that simple – I promise you.  All you have to do is execute those four steps and you will on your way to generating some very nice (passive) cash flow each week.  The type that no employer can affect.  It’s beautiful…but you have to apply yourself.

Those that wish and daydream do not earn a dime with Affiliate Funnel.  So, if you just decided to come on board follow my instruction.  Duplication goes a long way in this business.  If you need further assistance know that you can reach out to me and connect.

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