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How to Generate MCA Leads Using the MCA Pro Tools Marketing System

MCA Pro Tools LogoSo you’ve just joined the Motor Club of America family and you need to generate leads – and fast!  Your budget is also limited.

You are probably believing that this two-fold issue will hinder your growth, but think again.  Breath in deeply; now exhale.  You have my support because I am about to show you how to generate MCA leads using MCA Pro Tools in a very economical fashion.  Before we begin I would like to express to you a few disclaimers, however.  Time is our most valuable asset and I do not intend to waste any of it.


  1.  This is a business – your business.  Without investment you are fooling yourself.
  2.  Since it’s your business, you must expect to take daily action if you want results.
  3.  Duplication is vital.  Prepare to share these tips with your very own organization.
  4.  Most of the resources you see are my affiliate links.


I didn’t scare you away yet, did I?  Excellent!  Now, let’s make some dynamic residual income by implementing the following.


Traffic Exchanges

Lose any previous notions about these “not working.”  I have used traffic exchanges for many years, for several different advertising campaigns and have generated MCA leads from them.  I know this because I always, always track my advertising efforts.  Without tracking (offline or online marketing) you are promoting in the dark.  Time has always been more valuable than any currency, therefore one must know what works (and what doesn’t).

You have to employ a cumulative plan for traffic exchanges to work effectively.  This simply means find a group of them that you like and advertise in them all – not just one.  I have seen hundreds of T.Es.  There are those that I refuse to spend much time with, and there are those that I just cannot stay away from.  I will leave the in-depth research of them all up to you, but for time sake I will suggest some based on some positive attributes…

  • Membership count
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Server & administrative stability
  • Community engagement (some are just plain fun to use)


I tend to generate a relatively good amount of MCA leads from Traffic Ad Bar, EasyHits4U, and, TrafficG.  All three of these traffic exchanges provide the geo-targeting aspect that I look for.  Motor Club of America is available to those in the United States and Canada, and those three allow you to show your Easy Income System capture pages to ONLY those residents.

They each possess unique features that I adore.  EasyHits4U has THE LARGEST membership base.  TrafficG focuses on delivering you unique visitors each day (important).  Traffic Ad Bar expands your reach with their one-of-a-kind “bar” that members can place on any website that they own, thus casting your ad across a larger (and independent network).

Now here is the gravy…

Traffic Browser 125x125
Recall that in order to maximize your success with traffic exchanges it takes a cumulatative effort.  Always use multiple T.Es as you’re working.  Traffic Browser allows you to leverage tons of time – and increase visitors exponentially.



The concept with these are much similar to T.E.s in that you are rewarded with traffic credits, provided that you agree to look at the websites of other business owners as well.  The difference is that this is a form of email marketing.

I have constructed a page (on this site) dedicated solely to safelists.  Please take a look now as it shows you how to generate MCA leads using them.  Like other forms of advertising I track the success of each individual safelist.  If I do not get the click through rate (CTR) I desire, I simply cease from using that resource.  You will find recommendations on that page, too.

Some business owners are partial to these (over T.Es) because they provide them with visitors over a period of time – usually a week or two.  Traffic exchanges provide a more instant source of visitors; on the same day.  When you start out use them both in conjunction with your social media marketing.  Over time (and with tracking) you’ll be able to determine which works best for you.  Now for a little more creativity…


Stamps & Branding

If you have not yet considered investing in a domain, do it!  It opens up a door to a myriad of promotional options such as stamps.  Once you have a domain, knowing how to generate MCA leads can lead to a more long term effect.

Order a stamp (like I did) from Vista Print with your domain on it and cherish that thing.  The only thing you’ll ever have to replace is the ink.  From there you can brand objects you’d like that’s within reason.  Consider the following images:

Post It® Notes and those ever so all-purpose Avery™ labels are golden; especially when advertising offline.  These adhesives are relatively cheap and the most expensive tool of this tip is the stamp itself.  And that was only an $11 investment from Vistaprint!  If you’re lucky you’ll be able to order one with one of the many promo codes that they provide occasionally and be able to get it cheaper.

5 Guerrilla Marketing Tips You Can Take to The Bank Using Vistaprint Stamps 


Drop Cards & Business Cards

Care to know how to generate MCA leads with ease?  Consider using some “attraction marketing” techniques in your own town.  Both of these types of cards work well, but I get kicks from the drop card variety.  You may have seen them.  They closely resemble money and with an effective headline, teaser message (in the body), and call to action they will generate you leads effortlessly.

Drop Card Sample


Drop Card Sample

You can even get your children involved!  My kids find it very funny to sit back from a distance and watch while money hungry individuals “pounce” on them.  Of course, the image is just an example but feel free to use the verbiage as a guide.

The business card variety is old-school, but they work, nonetheless.  Instead of dropping these you want to just leave them in high-traffic areas.  The more captivating your design, the more Motor Club of America leads you will generate.

Granted, either one of these cards will cost you; but what doesn’t?  These work particularly well for those that are not comfortable with being vocal about their business.  Where there’s a will, there is a way.  I always reorder from Realistic Dropcard but the business cards come from Vista Print.  Be resourceful because there are local printing companies that may be more economical on the regular business cards.


In Conclusion

Focus, ladies and gentlemen.  You know the cliche.  Nothing worth having is going to come overnight.  You have to remain consistent.  Create a marketing plan and stick to it daily.  Even if it involves dropping 10 cards a day in 10 different locations – it’s a plan.  If you can only dedicate an hour a day with your favorite safelist, do it!  Just avoid treating your MCA business like it’s some sort of hobby.

Brace yourself and commit to investing in your business.  Show me one business that forsakes an advertising budget and I will show you a business that’s hurting for revenue.  Also, do apply the Facebook training found in your MCA Pro Tools back office.  Just do not solely rely on social media marketing.  The idea is to get your offer in as many places as possible.

Thank you - it's appreciated!

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