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How to Generate Leads Passively Without Any Cold Calling

It May Come As a Facial Slap, But…

No leads. No cash flow. No business. This necessary truth has plagued business owners for a long time. And those that choose to willfully ignore it eventually suffer the dejection of a deflated business dream. You need to generate leads; and the act ought to be one that is budgeted for and done consistently.

Fortunately you’re here, though. You could be anywhere in cyber oblivion, instead, you chose to be here learning how to generate leads without cold calling.

That leads me to another point before we begin. You know and I know – picking up the phone can be uncomfortable. Even if you’re the most eloquent and amicable individual, talking to a stranger (much less closing a sale) will be stress inducing. For years I ignorantly “worked” leads for another person’s agenda. This was before I developed wisdom and learned how to generate leads for MY businesses.

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The Bottom Line?

I do not like cold calling for business leads, and I assume that the majority of you don’t either. Keep in mind the key operative word in the title, too…passively


A Thought to Ponder…

“Do I want to continue to make nerve wrecking cold calls, or do I want to at least consider committing to the following investments?”


Step 1. (Autoresponder)

You cannot get any more passive in business than by implementing email marketing. This is why you will need an autoresponder to generate leads without cold calling. Once your email marketing campaign is set up your primary task at this point is to drive traffic to your lead capture page. The more traffic, the more leads you generate. Omitting this step will paralyze your progression as autoresponders manage your leads and close your sales while you’re off doing other things. Search the internet for “autoresponders” or take a look at the one I use.

30 Minute List Building Challenge

Step 2. (Domain)

Acquire a domain and forward it to your lead capture page. You can register one (for example: at Namecheap, Go Daddy, GDI, or Host Gator. Don’t worry…these are extremely affordable. Personalized domains look more professional, are easier for the general public to remember, and having one is central to the following steps. Not to mention, the right domain will fit neatly on your stamp. Which do you feel is a better presentation? This…

or this….

Domains take those lengthy unattractive URLs and make them more presentable.

If you already own a domain – excellent! You can forward that existing one to your lead capture page.


Step. 3. (Stamp)

You want to consider obtaining a stamp so that you can generate leads passively without the cold calling. The ones at Vistaprint are awesome and they constantly run promotions. So you should find one really cheap. When designing your stamp create something similar to this stamp. Evoke curiosity for the prospect and include a call to action. This will turn out to be quite the brilliant investment because of its portability and flexibility. When you get it keep that thing on your person, your car, your purse…your where ever! It’s your new advertising sidekick.



Step 4. (Marketing Checkpoint)

You need to join this free marketing forum and create a signature linking to your lead capture page. Forum marketing, though old, is still very effective. You can generate leads passively by simply contributing to this forum. Each time you leave a post your forum signature is published right along with it. This leaves your lead capture page in a conspicuous spot ALL over the forum. The benefit of choosing this forum also is the fact that it’s geared toward business owners. You gain a lot of valuable lead generation tips.

Look at these examples:

click to enlarge

Monika here has a banner graphic AND a text link in her forum signature.  She could’ve used a personalized domain to mask that long unsightly URL.

click to enlarge

Randomcash has some emojis and a text link.

click to enlarge

My forum signature has a simple banner.


Step 5. (Blog Commenting)

Start blog commenting to generate leads without cold calling. You can even start on this one. You can also leave your comments at The Online Ad Network. This strategy is still overlooked. You will get prospects from blogs because you get to leave a link to your website in this area.

After you click “Post It” the end result will be this.  See where my name is in blue? That’s a hyperlink to my website.


image source: TOAN


If its a blog that sees a high volume of traffic other readers will click your link. That link should be to your lead capture page.  If you contribute often you will then be viewed as an authoritative figure in your niche. More influence means more click throughs.


Step 6.

Take that stamp and get creative. Brand the rear of business cards. Brand newspapers, brand books, and even brand pamphlets and brochuresThe motive here is to put your stamp where you know will get many eyeballs. Don’t limit yourself and think outside of the box.

For instance, I like to stamp the insides of magazines and newspapers right next to the crossword puzzles and comics. People love those things. I sometimes even brand close to the classified ads section.


In Conclusion

Generating leads without cold calling doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s not. And when you can set up a system to where you’re passively building a list of leads that’s even better. So what you have to spend money…what business owner doesn’t? Get your:

  • Autoresponder
  • Stamp
  • Domain

Apprehensive money makes none, so make the investment.


You can continue in manual labor and gut wrenching phone calls to strangers. It’s your choice. Me on the other hand – I prefer go after efficiency and leverage. What about you? Do you have tips on how to generate leads without the cold calling? Tell us in the comments.


Thank you - it's appreciated!
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