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5 Guerrilla Marketing Tips You Can Take to The Bank Using Vistaprint Stamps

Homer Simpson

An example of Guerrilla Marketing on a grand scale.

Unfortunately, when first starting out not every entrepreneur has large enough capital to channel into their advertising budget.  Actually having a budget to promote is extremely vital, however.  This must be emphasized; as over the years I have noticed that many small business owners forsake this.  Yes…incredible.

Hopefully, you’re not that cynical when it comes to advertising your own livelihood.  Fear not, though, because the following guerrilla marketing tips will get you to think outside of the box.

Large budget or not, the idea here is to enable the business owner while instilling some form of confidence with their marketing campaigns.


What The Heck IS Guerrilla Marketing?

This form of marketing is considered by many in small business to be a low-cost, yet highly effective tactic in obtaining more leads (or customers).  It usually involves a combination of the following:

  • Frugality
  • Creativity
  • Passive-aggressiveness
  • Unconventionality 


It is in no way to be solely relied upon when advertising.  In fact, it is often overlooked.  With today’s technology one can easily discount it’s resourcefulness.  If you are totally overachieving (in social media marketing) with a Facebook fan page, or have a million Twitter followers – excellent!

Even if you’re savvy enough with your video and online content marketing, you should still target prospects with these guerrilla marketing tips.  After all, you cannot ignore potential revenue coming from those around you in your city.

Assuming that you own a web domain and have already ordered one of those Vistaprint rubber stamps, let us consider these pictured objects:

  1. Avery™ All-Purpose Labels
  2. Post-it® Notes
  3. Packing tape (preferably crystal clear)
  4. Vistaprint rubber stamp


These are always with me for the sole purposes of generating leads.  I build lists!  Rarely do I ever advertise just a business.  Businesses rise…businesses close up shop.  I, however, will always have my list of prospects to communicate with.  With that said pay no particular attention to the domain itself pictured on the Avery™ label.  These guerrilla marketing tips can be applied to any business concept.

Since your budget is minimal sacrifice time and stamp each note and label.  Remember, due to the lack of capital you didn’t mass produce (or print) the verbiage on each one.  Keep your “kit” in your car and take them with you everywhere you go.  At this point the only limit you will have is your own creativity.  Oh…and your desire to be aggressive.


Guerrilla Marketing Tip #1

Since you want traffic you must focus on the heavy traffic spots.  Who’s America’s favorite coffee retailer?

Starbucks Logo

courtesy of: Starbucks Coffee Co. (SBUX)

You got it – Starbucks.  Find a reason to visit even if you are not a fan of the company.  Not only are they dominating, but their commodity has the majority of the population hooked!  Many of their locations have outdoor patios and WiFi hotspots provided for their patrons. 

Folks go there and simply waste their time away.  I’ve even seen groups gathering there to hold some form of mini-conference.  If you’re bold enough (like their espresso) go ahead and affix one of your all-purpose labels to one of the outdoor tables.

Try to do it while no one is looking.  Forget that!  Do it regardless of who’s looking.  Most likely they have an employee there that would love to know about your business opportunity.  If not, your label will be there long enough to attract the eyes of the next patron stopping by for a caffeine fix.  And what do you know?  They will have the luxury of the free internet connection to visit your website.

Click here to see an example.
(image opens in a new tab)


Guerrilla Marketing Tip #2

How about one of those Post-it® notes?  Are they fluorescent enough for ya?  I really like to affix these on my local mass transit stops or terminals.  These places have disgruntled commuters looking for a way to make some extra money.  Post one!  Since your colorful ad will be exposed to the elements, place a strip of packing tape right over it.  That way it can survive a torrential downpour.

Those are inevitable here in Florida.A Bus Stop

Careful, though not to let a transit employee spot you.  They can be haters!  And have no fear; even if they decide to wrestle with your super strong packing tape they will at the VERY least have to look at it to remove it.

You’ve seized someone’s eyeballs…mission accomplished.


Guerrilla Marketing Tip #3

You know those extremely popular destinations called gas stations?  One of my most effective guerrilla marketing strategies is to place a label right on the pump.  The exact location is completely up to you, but I sometimes place them near the point of sale contraptions.

Fuel Pump

You know, somewhere near the display where everyone in town stares at how may gallons they’re breaking the bank for.  Some of these spots are plain common sense.  Usually the pumps are sheltered so the elements won’t pose much of a problem.  Go ahead.  Be brave, you can do it.


Guerrilla Marketing Tip #4

Going out to dine with your honey?  Nice!  After your meal why not stick one of your all-purpose labels on the back of your tip?  You DO tip, don’t you?  A sound network marketing opportunity could be the best tip a server has ever$20 Bill (Andrew Jackson) received.  Just confidently leave the money, and like most people they will look at the bill.

When they see a “sticker” covering old Andrew Jackson’s face the shock value alone will get the unsuspecting to examine it.  What…don’t you tip $20 bills?  Get used it when you start earning this type of residual income.


Guerrilla Marketing Tip #5

This final guerrilla marketing tactic may require some gall.  After your Post-it® Notes are all stamped, keep them with you as you walk through parking lots (or as we refer to them in Trinidad, car parks).  Because of it’s delicate nature these are perfect for just “touching” them to driver side car windows.  They’re also bright so when everyone is leaving the cinema they are very conspicuous at night.

The types of vehicles you leave them on are up to you, but this tactic works particularly well if you offer some type of advertising service and/or product.  If so, target those obvious small business owners like pet grooming services, photographers, or other network marketers.  You can tell especially from the vehicle signage.  Trust me; they need more advertising options.



As you can imagine this list can be extensive.  Remember that your creativity is your limit.  The main idea is to seek out high traffic areas.  **hint**  ATM machines.  Don’t be overly concerned with affixing labels to foreign property, either.  These days the Post-it® Notes use an organic adhesive.  Or if you’re feeling guilty I know for a fact that Avery™ manufactures a “removable” label.  Then again, why would you want it to be removed.

The packing tape not only extends the life of your ads but they serve as a fairly effective deterrent.  The higher quality the tape, the longer it takes to remove it.  This, though, ensures that the individual is there long enough to see the ad; and that’s what you want.  Any more ideas?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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