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Even The King Pitied The Fool

Proverbs 15:14 (AMP)

Boy!  That King Solomon was one wise man, wasn’t he?  Whenever I read this proverb I can’t help but to think of all the empty and bottomless media that many choose to indulge in.  Of course, there’s social media…but we cannot forget many forms of entertainment.  With each “new” reality television series that premiers along follows an insane buzz from particular sector of our society.  What about the music industry?  Recording artists are quick to refer to their latest works as “new,” but when you do give the secular garbage a chance, it’s the same ol’ template.

I like to consider it cookie-cutter music.

You see it all of the time; new year, new album cover, same regurgitated content.  Sadly, millions of people fall for the buffoonery.  These days it’s like the creators of it take pride in catering to your inner moron.  We as consumers then turn around feed on it.  But, as you can see, the wisest man to ever walk the earth was urging people (thousands of years ago) to essentially watch what you’re watching.

Do we?  Or do we find everything to be all fun and games.  Not realizing that the human eye is the lamp to the soul.  The more perversion we allow in, the darker the heart tends to become.  Similarly, your ears can cause the same effect.  So be weary.  Be cautious.  Not everything that glitters is gold for the heart.  To find this image and others like it, feel free to peruse.

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