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Catching a Mangrove Snapper on the John’s Pass Drawbridge 

Mangrove SnapperI’m beginning to enjoy being able to go fishing during weekdays – while most are work.  A few days ago while on the John’s Pass bridge I was able to snag this undersized mangrove snapper.

I used one of these 7/8 oz. Gotcha lures (which work extremely well, by the way) with a closed reel.

If you’ve tasted a snapper before you’ll understand why most won’t complain when one jumps on the line.  Unfortunately this adolescent had to go back.

It didn’t get a free shrimp, though!  A wide variety of aquatic traffic come thru the pass – including friendly dolphins.

It’s one of the more popular on shore fishing spots in Tampa Bay.  Though usually packed on the weekends with the help of tourists, the weekdays are very comfortable.

What are your best spots down at John’s Pass, Florida?  Any favorite local restaurants?

Thank you - it's appreciated!
Updated: August 7, 2016 — 2:05 am

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