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Storage Ideas For Kids Toys. You can create toy car shelves using wood and aluminum strips. This portable toy storage design means that you can transport kids toys on your travel adventures, be it on vacation, or sleepover at grandma's house.

20 Genius Toy Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms
20 Genius Toy Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms from

It is one of the most interesting and clever diy toy storage ideas you can find nowadays. Grab a plastic storage tote that can be easily moved around the house or the yard. Here’s a great under the bed storage idea that you can make from plastic drawers.

20 Genius Toy Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Or look in your child's closet for toy storage organization ideas. Add to it the possibility that stepping on one might lead to a serious injury and toy storage does become a priority. It;s really risky, kids can get injured due to shattering toys. These storage boxes are the perfect solution when it comes to keeping blocks, crayons, playdoh, and toy cars picked up and organized.