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Month: July 2016

Sunflower in Pollination  | Gardening

Sunflower in Pollination 

There were about five more of these bees Pollinating just minutes prior to this shot.  Often overlooked (and feared unnecessarily), bees play a highly intricate part in the sustainability of our environment. Without them, fruits and some of our favorite herbs would not thrive.  So the next time you see one…dont panic. They’re programmed to […]

Sunflower in Pollination  | Gardening

Praying for Nice

Again?  Not even halfway through summer 2016 and the world is going for a record number of mass killings.  How do we censor and filter what goes into the minds of our children?  How do we continue to introduce new life knowing that this is a life they will soon learn of? #prayfornice

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