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Storage Toys Ideas. Get tips on how to store and organise your child’s toys in a way works and looks nice too. These living room toy storage ideas will help you take control of the toy clutter and organize the toys in the living room.

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Floating shelves can not only provide a classy look to your home but also make a great storage space for your children’s toys. There are ideas for a playroom, living room, kids’ room, bedroom, and more that will help you declutter your home. (via paging fun mums) 13.

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Whether you are looking to organize small toys or big toys, there are ideas for all types of toys. The best toy storage ideas playroom/nursery toy storage. Kids rooms is a small jungles.lots of toys, all their clothes, stories, things from school, pencils, notebooks and cardboard, paper and stuffed animals. Just skip putting a pot in it, and it turns out to be perfect for holding stuffed animals.