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Kids Toy Storage Ideas. Empty a clothes storage bin and repurpose it with toys. The primary white color makes the unit look uniform, but children will know which shelves are theirs by the colors on the inside.

Kids toy storage ideas Wendy Peterson
Kids toy storage ideas Wendy Peterson from

That’s why we love the genius idea from clutter nanny oc of grouping legos together by color. Plus, the tote can survive almost any conditions, not to mention any kick or jab a kid throws at it. Open, ladder styled toy storage options that help tuck away all the mess in the kids’ room slim floating shelves act both as toy storage space and also as lovely displays [from:

Kids toy storage ideas Wendy Peterson

The new soft toy storage system lets children keep their soft toys and furry friends safely and securely. Utilize toy storage ideas high and low in kids' rooms. Here’s some easy diy kids toy storage ideas. Basically, it is a rolling surface that has a storage space for cars or trains and then a surface for the tracks.